iPad mini repair


iPad miniBallard Computes is the leading iPad Mini repair specialist in Indianapolis. We are currently repairing the iPad Mini in both white and black colors. The iPad Mini can usually be repaired in less than 24 hours.  Be careful who you pick to repair your iPad Mini. These are one of the most difficult repairs out there. The digitizer (touch screen) is very sensitive as is the home button. I have found out the hard way that not all iPad mini replacement screens are equal. It took me longer than I wanted, to find a good quality iPad mini replacement supplier. We stand behind our iPad Mini repairs 100%. We offer a one year warranty with all iPad Mini repairs. Call 317 688-TECH to make an appointment.

Interested in repairing your own ipad mini? Below are some helpful videos that I made. The ipad Mini is VERY difficult repair so proceed with caution.

 iPad mini repair:  Lifting the LCD

iPad mini repair:  Seperating the LCD