iPhone repair

Ballard Computes iPhone repairLooking for an Indianapolis iPhone repair specialist? Look no further. Ballard Computes fixes iPhone screens the SAME DAY! Ballard computes is currently fixing:

Whether you have a CDMA (Sprint or Verizon) or GSM (T-Mobile, AT&T) phone, Ballard Computes can have your iPhone fixed today! Call 317-688-TECH.  Interested in repairing your own iPhone? I will be adding videos for a variety of iPhones. If you decide to repair your own iPhone, be sure to find a quality iPhone digitizer seller. It’s not as easy as you would think. There are a lot of cheap replacement iPhone screens out there.

In case you do not know, iPhone screens have two parts fused together. The LCD screen and the digitizer. Do not buy the digitizer buy itself. You need both the LCD and digitzer fused together. I see a lot of people buy the digitzer buy itself, very cheaply, only to find out they wasted their money and also need the LCD screen with it. (There is a way to separate your current broken digitizer and LCD but it is very difficult and more than likely, you will break either or both.)