Hoverboard Repair

How to Fix your Hoverboard

To be perfectly clear, I no longer fix hoverboards.  They are just too expensive to fix and the price of a new one, is less than what I can fix it for.   However, I don’t mind sharing the information I have learned about repairing them.  Read below please.

Swagtrons are not part of this write up.  They have proprietary parts that can not be easily found on the net.  Fortunately, Swagtrons are just a small percentage of the hoverboards out there.

Hoverboards can be broken down into 3 areas:

2 Wheels.

3 boards or 2 boards.  (1 Main board and 2 smaller gyro boards.  Sometimes hoverboards only have two boards in them.

The Main board is sometimes split onto the 2 gyro boards. )

1 Battery.

Unless you got your hoverboard wet, your problem is one of the three above.

80-90% of the time, I’m replacing the 3 boards and/or the battery.

The 3 boards can be found in a package deal on amazon or ebay for 50-70 dollars.

The batteries you want are Samsung.  Also make sure they have a plastic housing around the battery.  They are in the 50-80 range.  Look for a long term warranty. (1 year)

Wheels sometimes need to be replaced but it’s not a popular repair.  Thing is, you should replace both if you need to replace one.  A pair will cost you up to 70 dollars new.

If your hoverboard has bluetooth, and you have to replace the three boards in it, you must not connect your blue tooth module to the 3 new boards.   There is a good chance your bluetooth module will fry the main board and/or gyros.  You must make sure your bluetooth module is compatible with the 3 boards you bought.  The only way to make sure they are compatible is to buy the 3 boards and bluetooth module in a kit together.  Do not use your old bluetooth module.  It’s not worth risking frying your new boards.  I know.  I have done it.  The blueotooth module comes with a circuit board and a speaker.  When you take your hoverboard apart, you will see it right underneath the perforated holes in the plastic.  It’s relatively easy to remove and put another new module in its place.  (Sometimes the bluetooth circuit board is incorporated into the small gyro boards.  You might only see a speaker connected to one of the gyros rather than an external speaker and external circuit board.)

Find a good webpage that list out what the flashing red lights mean.  They will help you narrow your search.  Always start with the 3 boards and or bluetooth module.  It’s almost always the boards.  Good luck!  Feel free to call me if you need help.

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