MacBook Pro, Air, iMac Repair

The Macbook Pro laptop and the iMac desktop computer are two popular devices repaired at Ballard Computes.  The number one reason Macbook Pros and iMacs are brought to Ballard Computes are because of speed issues.  The number two reason is broken screens.  No matter the issue, Ballard Computes can have your Macbook Pro or iMac repaired in a short time.

Macbook Pro/Air repair

  • LCD / Display replacement / repair.
  • Hard drive replacement.
  • Battery replacement.
  • Keyboard replacement.
  • Board level repairs.
  • Data Recovery.
  • icloud unlock, firmware unlock.
  • unlocking of managed Macbook pros or managed Macbook Airs.

iMac repair

  • LCD / Display replacement / repair.
  • Hard drive replacement
  • Data Recovery
  • Video card replacement
  • icloud unlock, firmware unlock
  • unlocking of managed iMacs.

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