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Ballard Computes is a small Indianapolis computer repair company located on the northeast side of town. Ballard Computes focuses on three main areas.  Computer repair, iPhone repair, and iPad repair.  We can handle all computer repairs, PC or Mac.

Our Reviews

The Indianapolis computer repair field is very competitive and a company’s reputation is everything. We approach business as if each and every customer will be writing a review online for the rest of the world to see. See what our customers say.

  • He does great work, fixed my iPhone screen in 20 minutes and months later when my battery exploded he replaced my battery and replaced the screen again at a discounted price! Easy to work with and extremely friendly!

    Garrett Palmer Avatar
    Garrett Palmer

    By far the best computer service I have experienced!! He is very passionate about what he does and you can tell that through his work. He helped fix my laptop screen and was very careful and efficient while doing it! Throughout the process he also was helpful in explaining everything he was doing and how to prevent further problems from occurring on my laptop. Very kind-hearted and intelligent individual! I would 1000% recommended Mr. Ballard’s services for any technological issues.

    Desiree McCoy Avatar
    Desiree McCoy

    My phone screen was cracked and they replaced it right in front of me!! It took no time at all!! Very friendly and fast service!!! Great price!

    Shelby Cutlip Avatar
    Shelby Cutlip
  • Ballard Computes is fast, friendly and affordable. We have had our iPads, iPhones, etc, repaired at Ballard Computes multiple times. He is absolutely fabulous! We don't trust our devices with anyone else. He is super nice and gives great advice. In addition, he always has the latest info on what is happening in the tech industry.

    Jill Phillips Avatar
    Jill Phillips

    Great service. Decent prices. Nice guy. Highly recommend

    Hiram B Avatar
    Hiram B

    5 star ratingI was out with friends and dropped my phone. The screen completely shattered and it was in an Otterbox! I panicked because A - my phone is completely unusable and B - I'm about to leave for a road trip in two days and needed a working phone.

    I quickly searched for repair shops for a reasonable price. I kept seeing Ballard Computes with great reviews. I called in the morning hoping to miraculously get in that day. Thinking that it'd be a long wait and/or an astronimal price (like a couple of the other places I called) I was thankfully to go ahead and come on in.

    It didn't take too long to get my screen fixed and it really was at a great price compared to many other places. I was so happy with the service that I referred my friend to go there a year later for a screen repair. I also recently recommended a friend to see if he could get his hard drive replaced here and we found out he could!

    I really trust Ballard Computes with my Mac products and really appreciate the customer service. He tells it how it is, quotes a reasonable price, gives tips on how to take care of your items, and does a great and quick job!

    Komal S. Avatar
    Komal S.
  • Excellent and prompt service. My only regret is not asking about pricing prior to Marvin completing the repair, which costed just as much as the cost I paid for my device. Too expensive for such a small task. Otherwise, great service.

    Sonda Brown Avatar
    Sonda Brown

    Cant say enough positive things about Marvin. He is super gifted in technology and explains things to you in every day language . Very accommodating, quick service and reasonable pricing. Def my go to computer guy in the future.

    Susan Patterson Avatar
    Susan Patterson

    Marvin is great! Got me in quickly... got me fixed quickly... and the price was better than the competitors! I will not go anywhere else until Marvin says he cannot fix it!

    Brian D Cavanaugh Avatar
    Brian D Cavanaugh
  • Marvin did a tremendous job fixing my cracked iPad screen. He has great attention to detail and fixed my screen fast. Highly recommend!

    Sharon Roeder Avatar
    Sharon Roeder

    We made a quick call at 9:15pm on a Friday night over a gaming computer issue and a 15 year old teen! (Enough said tight there!!) Mr. Ballard was so patient, kind and sincere. Walked my 15 year old son through how to reset the battery and properly install the RAM. Bingo.. all was right in our world again! Thank you for your time and kindness! So much appreciated!! We Will be holding on and sharing this service to everyone!

    Wendy Savino Avatar
    Wendy Savino

    Mr. Ballard was very engaged with my problem and with great conversation! He fixed my iphone’s cracked screen in no time and was very reasonable with the price! His service was top-shelf not only because he knew what he was doing, but also because he was personable and made me feel like I was chatting with a good friend instead of waiting on my phone to be fixed. Top notch!

    C Scott Avatar
    C Scott
  • I just used Ballard's services to fix a broken iPad glass. Completely and unequivocally satisfied with Marvin's service. Price was MORE than fair, turnaround was 24 hours and the end result is that the iPad is back to where it was before the glass broke. I can't recommend Ballard Computes highly enough!

    Peter Merante Avatar
    Peter Merante

    Could not get charge cord into socket. Tool it to the store, and they had it fixed in 30 seconds. Junk in charge socket. No charge for their service. Great service and great price. I will use them again for any needed repairs.

    David Oakes Avatar
    David Oakes

    My computer kept shutting down, every 30 minutes to an hour. I took it up to this shop, and now it doesn’t shut off until I manually power it off. I also had great conversation while waiting for it to get fixed. Thank you!

    Azianna Ward Avatar
    Azianna Ward
  • I took my phone here recently on my lunch hour and he was able to fix it within 30 min right there while I waited. He used a high quality of glass and even gave a free case and cleaning tools. I would highly recommend him!

    Erica Daisy Avatar
    Erica Daisy

    I spoke with Marvin today about my MacBook Pro. He was extremely knowledgeable about my issue (unfortunately for me a computer life ending recall) and was very helpful suggesting ways to solve my problem. We had a great conversation about computers and what a PC vs Mac has to offer and what I should look for. He saved me a trip and a diagnostic fee and for that...hats of to Marvin.

    Megan Metelko Mack Avatar
    Megan Metelko Mack

    Highly recommend. Marvin was personable, honest, great service and great prices. He fixed our iPad Air within hours of dropping it off.

    Dawn Hargreaves Avatar
    Dawn Hargreaves
  • Very knowledgeable and open about what he was doing to fix my computer. Has an extensive background in computer repair and has the capabilities to fix most technology related issues. He even showed me some of his equipment and explained how it worked. I drove 1 hour to see him and I would recommend him to anyone in the area.

    Andrew Jones Avatar
    Andrew Jones

    One of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had, seriously. I definitely recommend Marvin. He was knowledgeable, fast, and considerate!

    He is one of the few recommendations I will make for tech based service. Go see him!

    Richard Trotman Avatar
    Richard Trotman

    Whenever I reached out to Marvin, he always got back to me right away! I had to get my laptop fixed because it wasn't charging and when I brought it to him, he opened it up in front of me and told me exactly what the issue was, which I greatly appreciated. He told me what he planned to do to fix it which didn't take long and it was at a very reasonable price! I appreciated how he cared about his customers and that I could rely on him with my laptop without worrying about a thing. I liked that I got to know who was fixing and opening my laptop and how I knew exactly what was going on. Definitely coming back whenever I run into an issue with any of my electronics!

    Yoomin Jenny Hong Avatar
    Yoomin Jenny Hong
  • 5 star ratingLooking for any electronic maintenance and not sure what to do or need suggestions and professional, honest advice? Definitely check this place out.

    Marvin is a great guy. He's honest, explains things that you don't understand, answers any questions, and is pretty good on price in terms of making sure that you're in a ballpark range. The best part: he's super quick. My mid-2009 MacBook Pro was running due to age (understandably). I needed a quick fix as I didn't want to buy a new computer. I called up Marvin and in less than a day, my MacBook Pro was up and running again, for a reasonable price.

    I appreciate his honesty. My work computer also needed maintenance (a hard drive replacement), so we took it in, and he was very honest in saying that it wasn't worth the money to upgrade it so might as well just get a new one. He also suggested brands to avoid and brands to go for.

    He doesn't try to take advantage of you, which usually lacks when it comes to electronic maintenance.

    He's fixed a friend's iPhone broken screen, twice. Be sure to mention that I referred you via Yelp and he'll give you a discount (or at least did for me)!

    Brady R. Avatar
    Brady R.

    I highly recommend this place for any laptop, phone, and tablet repairs. Marvin is super accommodating, gives honest advice, and does great work!

    Lisa La Fornara Avatar
    Lisa La Fornara

    5 star ratingGood guy to trust, he fixed my Mac Pro in 10 minutes and didn't overcharge for it.
    No matter what's wrong, give this guy first look, chances are he knows what to do.

    Tim R. Avatar
    Tim R.
  • Took my phone to Marvin on a Sunday over a holiday weekend to have the broken screen replaced. Replaced it while I waited. Service was fantastic. I am picking up my computer tomorrow after he worked on it. He came highly recommend from a friend. I am so pleased I have found him to service my computer. He answers all my questions and is very personable. Would highly recommend him for any tech support service you need.

    Judy Rich Avatar
    Judy Rich

    Absolutely amazing service. He was able to get us in immediately for a data transfer and was super patient while explaining new features on the desktop we had bought. Highly recommend!

    Macy DiCicco Avatar
    Macy DiCicco

    The thought of having a computer or device repaired is about as appealing to me as chewing broken glass. Thankfully, my recent experience with Ballard Computes may have changed my whole outlook. I contacted them to look over an old iMac that my kids use. It was DOA and he advised me of the likely cost associated with the repair and encouraged me to consider just purchasing a new unit as the repair would have been costly. He had no financial incentive to give me that advise, just treating me like he would like to be treated and being 100% upfront. I bought the new unit and had him transfer the data from the old one. He educated me on the difference in the hard drive that the low end Mac I purchased had vs the speed of a solid state one. I opted to have him swap out the hard drives and the speed of the machine went from a Honda Civic to an Italian sports car! It had a HUGE difference and much less $$$ than buying the Mac with a solid state hard drive already installed. I will encourage anyone I know with a pc or Mac issue to just go to Ballard Computes.

    Phil Zink Avatar
    Phil Zink
  • 5 star ratingPleasure speaking with Martin. Understanding and down to earth. I would personally recommend him to anyone who needs their computer fixed in a timely and professional setting/environment.

    Alfonso V. Avatar
    Alfonso V.

    5 star ratingI just used Ballard's services to fix a broken iPad glass. Completely and unequivocally satisfied with Marvin's service.

    1. Price was MORE than fair
    2. Turnaround was 24 hours
    3. The end result is that the iPad is back to where it was before the glass broke.

    Marvin was very easy to deal with from the time I walked into his office, communicating with him on status and through to picking up the iPad and paying for his service. EASY EASY EASY. I can't recommend Ballard Computes highly enough.

    Peter M. Avatar
    Peter M.

    Marvin is good at looking at problems from a multitude of angles! Got my gaming PC up and running in a timely manner, with good communication along the way. Marvin was also kind enough to share some valuable security information, with recommended programs to keep my system secure while also keeping it well optimized/efficient. Wouldn't hesitate using Marvin again down the road! Thanks Ballard Computes

    Tie Kuhn Avatar
    Tie Kuhn

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