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About Us

Ballard Computes is a small Indianapolis computer repair company located on the northeast side of town. Ballard Computes focuses on three main areas.  Computer repair, iPhone repair, and iPad repair.  We can handle all computer repairs, PC or Mac.

Our Reviews

The Indianapolis computer repair field is very competitive and a company’s reputation is everything. We approach business as if each and every customer will be writing a review online for the rest of the world to see. See what our customers say.

  • Marvin was not only very knowledgeable about the services he offers but He is also very professional and likeable to do business with. I had a computer with a virus that I actually drove 50 min. JUST to have him fix it. As it turned out it was not as serious as first thought and he did not see a need to charge me and gave me excellent instructions on how to make sure it does not happen again. I can HIGHLY recommend his services. You will not be disappointed. Should I need any additional computer repair/services I would definitely return and gladly pay for his help/knowledge.

    Aleta Batz Avatar
    Aleta Batz

    Marvin was incredibly helpful to find a solution that: 1. Saved me money 2. I was able to do by myself. His service level is rare nowadays. I will definitely use him in the future for any computing needs.

    Andrew Bissmeyer Avatar
    Andrew Bissmeyer

    5 star ratingGood guy to trust, he fixed my Mac Pro in 10 minutes and didn't overcharge for it.
    No matter what's wrong, give this guy first look, chances are he knows what to do.

    Tim R. Avatar
    Tim R.
  • Wonderful work, amazing turn around, and budget friendly. I cannot recommend highly enough!

    Allison Maguire Avatar
    Allison Maguire

    Fast, friendly, and affordable service. I've used Ballard Computes for two different devices, and highly recommend Marvin if you have any computer, device, phone repair needs.

    Jennifer McGuire Avatar
    Jennifer McGuire

    My computer kept shutting down, every 30 minutes to an hour. I took it up to this shop, and now it doesn’t shut off until I manually power it off. I also had great conversation while waiting for it to get fixed. Thank you!

    Azianna Ward Avatar
    Azianna Ward
  • Great customer service, I stepped on my laptop and cracked my screen. He had it back to me in just 2 days. So much better than what anyone else could have done.

    Devan Bowden Avatar
    Devan Bowden

    The owner is a real nice and honest person. Returned the call promptly. Fixed my daughter iPhone 6 Plus screen on a reasonable price. An A+++ business

    M. Nabi Sharif Avatar
    M. Nabi Sharif

    Very personal and honest service. Highly recommend!

    David Moore Avatar
    David Moore
  • I took my phone here recently on my lunch hour and he was able to fix it within 30 min right there while I waited. He used a high quality of glass and even gave a free case and cleaning tools. I would highly recommend him!

    Erica Daisy Avatar
    Erica Daisy

    Last week my IPhone tanked on me because of a storage problem. My husband suggested I take to Marvin. Within a couple days he fixed my problem. Now my phone runs like new again. Great service and pricing!!

    Christie Crail Avatar
    Christie Crail

    This guy rocks. If you need your phone fixed and you don't bring it to this place... ya missed out my friend.
    Obviously knows his stuff, obviously has fixed your issue thousands of times and is a really nice guy to boot.
    Seriously, this is the place for phone repair hands down.

    Jake Walker Avatar
    Jake Walker
  • 5 star ratingI just used Ballard's services to fix a broken iPad glass. Completely and unequivocally satisfied with Marvin's service.

    1. Price was MORE than fair
    2. Turnaround was 24 hours
    3. The end result is that the iPad is back to where it was before the glass broke.

    Marvin was very easy to deal with from the time I walked into his office, communicating with him on status and through to picking up the iPad and paying for his service. EASY EASY EASY. I can't recommend Ballard Computes highly enough.

    Peter M. Avatar
    Peter M.

    5 star ratingI cracked my iPhone screen and Marvin repaired it for me within an hour! He did an awesome job and my phone works like a charm! I recommend his services to anyone who needs their phones, iPads, or computers repaired! He's very affordable!

    Annise H. Avatar
    Annise H.

    Marvin Ballard was efficient and friendly! He helped me immediately when I needed my phone screen repaired! It works better now then before!

    Chris Knych Ugo Avatar
    Chris Knych Ugo
  • My phone screen cracked two seperation occasions and my son cracked his IPad. We got incredible service every single time. Marvin is the best I would recommend his services!!!

    Tracey Tucker Avatar
    Tracey Tucker

    Marvin is genuinely a cut above the rest. I have never even met him, but having had major problems with my Mac, i decided to give his shop a call to see if there was time to potentially bring my Mac in and get it repaired. Having replaced the hard drive, increased the RAM and replaced the SSD Hard Drive Connector Cable and still not having my problem resolved, I felt pretty hopeless that this Mac would ever run properly again. With that said, after asking, Marvin was able troubleshoot my issue over the phone and literally walked me through steps to see if we couldn't fix what was going on. After less than 20 minutes he was able to tell what all I needed to do and I'm exuberantly happy to report my Mac that I thought a goner, is running faster and better than ever.

    Without Marvins help I most definitely would've been in the same hopeless boat pulling my hair out. He'd done all this over the phone and at no charge for his time or knowledge and he even gave me a follow up call to further show his genuity in helping me. That is above and beyond "Five Star" service. I and all my family and any friend I can recommend will be using Marvin at Ballard Computes going forward! I am extremely appreciative, thank you Marvin!

    Joshua Masih Avatar
    Joshua Masih

    Ballard Computes is fast, friendly and affordable. We have had our iPads, iPhones, etc, repaired at Ballard Computes multiple times. He is absolutely fabulous! We don't trust our devices with anyone else. He is super nice and gives great advice. In addition, he always has the latest info on what is happening in the tech industry.

    Jill Phillips Avatar
    Jill Phillips
  • I spoke with Marvin today about my MacBook Pro. He was extremely knowledgeable about my issue (unfortunately for me a computer life ending recall) and was very helpful suggesting ways to solve my problem. We had a great conversation about computers and what a PC vs Mac has to offer and what I should look for. He saved me a trip and a diagnostic fee and for that...hats of to Marvin.

    Megan Metelko Mack Avatar
    Megan Metelko Mack

    5 star ratingLooking for reliable and honest service?  Was in a pinch and looking for quick efficient service.  Ballard came through and exceeded my expectations.  Warranty with additional services at no charge.  He took care of my phone as if it was his.  Would highly recommend and refer to all my friends!!!!

    Tom K. Avatar
    Tom K.

    Ballard's is the real deal place for smart device services.

    Have used his services for a few years and am more than satisfied!
    If ever there is a concern or issue, he is always available to advise, repair or replace work that he's done.

    Cool conversation, really good prices, great service!

    El Casa Avatar
    El Casa
  • 5 star ratingI've been living with a small crack in the corner of my iPhone 6 for a few weeks.  Today I dropped it on the carpet (you know that fluffy matterial covering the hard ground in your home) and kapow... shattered screen.  I did a Groupon search for screen repairs tyring to get a deal and found that most of places were more expensive than the $109 the internet says Apple charges you to send it in.  A quick Yelp search and Marvin at Ballard turned up.  I gave him a call and he fixed my phone at a better price, while chatting with me about how he got started in rescuing all of us clumsy phone droppers, and it is good as new less than an hour later.  Can't get any better than that!

    Amanda M. Avatar
    Amanda M.

    We have had to replace 4 IPhone screens and an IPad screen within the past year. Excellent price and done quickly and with no fuss. Marvin replied immediately and was able to get us in same day. Would highly recommend.

    Jean McGee Hughes Avatar
    Jean McGee Hughes

    5 star ratingTook my iPad air2 in to be fixed and it was worth every penny. After shattering the screen in now looks brand new.  Phenomenal turnaround.

    B H. Avatar
    B H.
  • When I broke my iPhone, my friend immediately told me about Marvin Ballard. She said he did great work, had great prices, and a quick turnaround time. I called on a Saturday, he got me in immediately, and fixed my phone right away. It was a great experience, and I left with the assurance that he would stand behind his work for a year. Later in the week my phone started acting up, so I called Ballard Computes, and, once again, was told to come right in. While Marvin was working on my phone, I spoke with another customer who raved about the quality of work he does. To my dismay, my phone decided not to power on. It was obvious Marvin cared, and he kept working on it until he got it on. I highly recommend Ballard Computes, and will definitely call again, should the need arise.

    Laura Paul Giovanini Avatar
    Laura Paul Giovanini

    Went there to get a new battery for my iPhone 6. Not only did he do that, he replaced the screen which had been poorly replaced by a different business. And gave me a discount. Truly, the guy knows his stuff and very reasonable on pricing!!

    Anne Termont Suhr Avatar
    Anne Termont Suhr

    Highly recommend. Marvin was personable, honest, great service and great prices. He fixed our iPad Air within hours of dropping it off.

    Dawn Hargreaves Avatar
    Dawn Hargreaves
  • I had a great experience with this company. He completed 2 repairs on my MacBook Pro on two separate occasions in a timely professional manner. I will be returning for any future repairs!!

    Alissa Taylor Avatar
    Alissa Taylor

    Mr. Ballard was very engaged with my problem and with great conversation! He fixed my iphone’s cracked screen in no time and was very reasonable with the price! His service was top-shelf not only because he knew what he was doing, but also because he was personable and made me feel like I was chatting with a good friend instead of waiting on my phone to be fixed. Top notch!

    C Scott Avatar
    C Scott

    Was quick, easy, and, a better deal than any place you will find around. Marvin will tell you straight up what the cost is with no hidden fees. Plus, your money is going to a local guy instead of a chain corporation.

    Corbin Haggard Avatar
    Corbin Haggard

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