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About Us

Ballard Computes is a small Indianapolis computer repair company located on the northeast side of town. Ballard Computes focuses on three main areas.  Computer repair, iPhone repair, and iPad repair.  We can handle all computer repairs, PC or Mac.

Our Reviews

The Indianapolis computer repair field is very competitive and a company’s reputation is everything. We approach business as if each and every customer will be writing a review online for the rest of the world to see. See what our customers say.

  • Marvin fixed our laptop in less than a day for less than half the price quoted by another company who was also going to take a week to fix. Very professional and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain what he did and told us to call if we have questions or need help after we got home. We will definitely go back to Marvin in the future. Already have referred our daughter for her iPhone and iPad repairs.

    Carol Untrauer Avatar
    Carol Untrauer

    Ballard Computes is the only place you should go for electronics repair! Marvin is very knowledgeable, fair, and most importantly, honest. Does a great job explaining option and what’s going on. Does not try to screw you over and has fair prices. Don’t even bother going anywhere else; professional, knowledgeable, affordable and FAST! Thanks Marvin for fixing up my laptop in less than 24 hours!

    Mark Alan Avatar
    Mark Alan

    Awesome service and great quality! He go back to me immediately when I asked him about my issues. Then not only did I get an amazing repair, I got a top of the line new case for my devices at no extra cost.

    To top it all off he continued to be available via text and phone when I had some unrelated questions about downloads and operating systems.

    If I could give a 6 Star rating I would!

    Josh Gross Avatar
    Josh Gross
  • He was amazing! VERY knowledgeable and excited about what he does. I had bought a brand new laptop 6 months ago, and despite being brand new in the box, it came with the wrong charger. He knew immediately, and gave me advice on how to get the right charger. He also was super excited about the PC and offered ways for me to improve it even further.

    Kirsten Cocanower Avatar
    Kirsten Cocanower

    I cannot explain how glad I am to have found Ballard Computes. Not only is the price the best you'll find anywhere, but Marvin was friendly and professional and didn't seem bothered by my three crazy kids who came along. He fixed my shattered screen completely last minute. I called very desperate to get it fixed right near closing and he waited 45 minutes for me to be able to make it in. Now that's amazing service!!

    Rachael Oren Avatar
    Rachael Oren

    5 star ratingHands down. Marvin is the genius and most generous computer "therapist" that I have ever seen in my life. If you have any problems with the computer or smartphone, just go to him! His store opens everyday!!! My harddisk was broken, I found him on yelp, thanks to the good reviews here, he fixed it within 10 mins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he kept on telling me I want to save you money!! He just charged me a little price on top of the cost of the material. This wow me! Thank you Marvin for his generosity!! He is the Man!!!

    Boley Y. Avatar
    Boley Y.
  • 5 star ratingI had a hard drive that was failing on my Dell desktop and Mr Ballard saved and recovered everything I needed and for a reasonable price.
    I have taken two iPads to him for help, one that had a broken charging cord stuck in the port that he fixed with no charge. The other he felt like wasn't cost effective to fix.
    He's always upfront and honest about fees, turn time, and the extent of the problem. I will turn to thin for all my repair needs.

    David P. Avatar
    David P.

    This is my 2nd time using his svc. Overall great experience, fast service and reasonable prices. I highly recommend him for your computer needs!

    Nicole Fields Avatar
    Nicole Fields

    I loved working with Ballard Computes! He fixed our IPhone screen in 30 minutes! It was wonderful! I highly recommend!

    Christie Feest Moore Avatar
    Christie Feest Moore
  • Great job! Very reasonable! He fixed my IPhone screen and was very meticulous! I would definitely come back for other repairs!! Very quick with communication, also! Thank you so much!

    Brooke Goldstein Avatar
    Brooke Goldstein

    He was great! Fixed my phone in no time. Will definitely be going back if I need too.

    Thank you

    Jackson Krauter Avatar
    Jackson Krauter

    Walked in off the street with my son's damaged laptop. Marvin (the owner) immediately stopped what he was doing to access our situation and provide best recommendations for the short and long term and our budget. As it turned out, while our problem was technically fixable, it was one that often had hidden problems that would not be anticipated and calculated into the cost until Marvin opened up the machine. He was very upfront and honest with us in his assessment and we made the decision not to repair our machine but to replace it. Marvin shared with us his recommendations on the computer out there in our budget and even told us how we could make the new machine faster with some very simple and inexpensive upgrades that he did, same day. I trusted him immediately for his knowledge and walked out same day with the upgrades he suggested on our newly purchased machine. It was a great experience. In fact, I'm heading over there now so that he can fix the computer screen on my daughter's laptop. Ballard Computes is fast, friendly and fair. An excellent experience. Highly recommend!

    Michelle Elser Avatar
    Michelle Elser
  • Look no further for your repair work!!

    Derrick Johnston Avatar
    Derrick Johnston

    This guy is the best deal in town on fixing phones and computers. He fixed my fiancees phone last year very quickly and cheaply and i just called him a year later and he knew me by name and was very helpful with questions over the phone. Look no further he can fix things others wont even attempt to fix 👍🏻

    Ben Powell Avatar
    Ben Powell

    Highly recommended. Honesty and integrity are key components to Ballard Computes success.

    Highly skilled and well versed to take on any fix! If it can’t be done, they will let you know.

    Bogdan Calin Avatar
    Bogdan Calin
  • One of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had, seriously. I definitely recommend Marvin. He was knowledgeable, fast, and considerate!

    He is one of the few recommendations I will make for tech based service. Go see him!

    Richard Trotman Avatar
    Richard Trotman

    Marvin’s knowledge and customer service is second to none!! He just fixed two separate issues on two different iPhones of mine quickly, at an unbelievably fair price, and gave me additional DIY insight along the way. 5 STAR PLUS customer experience!

    Nathan Calvert Avatar
    Nathan Calvert

    5 star ratingMarvin is great!  We took our son's iPhone 6S to him.  It was cracked to pieces with lines going through the screen.  The guy at Sprint had told me that the phone could not be fixed.  I called Marvin and he told me to bring it in as it was free to assess the phone and he usually could tell immediately if it could be fixed. Sure enough he looked at the phone and knew that he could fix it AND while we waited nonetheless.  As he fixed the phone, he showed us every part of the inside of the phone as well as gave us pointers.  I would not hesitate to go back to Marvin. As a matter of fact, taking my laptop computer to him to make it faster! Highly recommend this place.

    Daune C. Avatar
    Daune C.
  • He was able to pull all the data off of a severely damaged iPhone of mine that had completely lost its screen and was virtually useless. Go here before you waste time at Best Buy, the Apple Store or one of those screen replacement stores. Ballard has much better rates and service.

    Steve Hill Avatar
    Steve Hill

    Ballard's is the real deal place for smart device services.

    Have used his services for a few years and am more than satisfied!
    If ever there is a concern or issue, he is always available to advise, repair or replace work that he's done.

    Cool conversation, really good prices, great service!

    El Casa Avatar
    El Casa

    5 star ratingMarvin did an awesome job on my iPad! I had cracked the glass and he fixed it quickly! I can't say enough good things about this small business . His location is very convenient.

    April S. Avatar
    April S.
  • I had a wonderful experience at Ballard Computes today. Excellent service and fully satisfied with the work done!

    Cesur Dağlı Avatar
    Cesur Dağlı

    Very happy customer! Marvin repaired the shattered screen on my iPad Air within a matter of a few hours. He was easy to contact, reasonably priced, and did a great job! He even included a protective case and a one-year warranty. Highly recommend Ballard Computes LLC!

    Kara Bassett Avatar
    Kara Bassett

    When I broke my iPhone, my friend immediately told me about Marvin Ballard. She said he did great work, had great prices, and a quick turnaround time. I called on a Saturday, he got me in immediately, and fixed my phone right away. It was a great experience, and I left with the assurance that he would stand behind his work for a year. Later in the week my phone started acting up, so I called Ballard Computes, and, once again, was told to come right in. While Marvin was working on my phone, I spoke with another customer who raved about the quality of work he does. To my dismay, my phone decided not to power on. It was obvious Marvin cared, and he kept working on it until he got it on. I highly recommend Ballard Computes, and will definitely call again, should the need arise.

    Laura Paul Giovanini Avatar
    Laura Paul Giovanini
  • Recently broke my MacBook did a quick google search and found Marvin! What an easy process he had my part ordered in a few mins then said it should be in Thursday and actually got it in a day early! All in all very pleased and would highly recommend him.

    Joe Caldwell Avatar
    Joe Caldwell

    Took my phone to Marvin on a Sunday over a holiday weekend to have the broken screen replaced. Replaced it while I waited. Service was fantastic. I am picking up my computer tomorrow after he worked on it. He came highly recommend from a friend. I am so pleased I have found him to service my computer. He answers all my questions and is very personable. Would highly recommend him for any tech support service you need.

    Judy Rich Avatar
    Judy Rich

    I spoke with Marvin today about my MacBook Pro. He was extremely knowledgeable about my issue (unfortunately for me a computer life ending recall) and was very helpful suggesting ways to solve my problem. We had a great conversation about computers and what a PC vs Mac has to offer and what I should look for. He saved me a trip and a diagnostic fee and for that...hats of to Marvin.

    Megan Metelko Mack Avatar
    Megan Metelko Mack
  • The owner is a real nice and honest person. Returned the call promptly. Fixed my daughter iPhone 6 Plus screen on a reasonable price. An A+++ business

    M. Nabi Sharif Avatar
    M. Nabi Sharif

    I brought my MacBook into Marvin after the "genius" (and I use that term loosely) bar at the Apple Store gave it a death sentence. And Marvin would admit, he was ready to as well but after extreme persistence and skill, he figured out the issue and got it up and running with the latest operating system! Marvin is the real genius here, his prices are fair and he truly cares about getting your product fixed! I strongly recommend this man, he's one of the good ones.

    Michael Bradley Avatar
    Michael Bradley

    Fair prices and he’s very thorough and knowledgeable

    Tom Gates Avatar
    Tom Gates

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