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Ballard Computes is a small Indianapolis computer repair company located on the northeast side of town. Ballard Computes focuses on three main areas.  Computer repair, iPhone repair, and iPad repair.  We can handle all computer repairs, PC or Mac.

Our Reviews

The Indianapolis computer repair field is very competitive and a company’s reputation is everything. We approach business as if each and every customer will be writing a review online for the rest of the world to see. See what our customers say.

  • Marvin fixed the shattered screen of my daughter's iphone6 in about 15-20 minutes! The same day I called in and the lowest price I found! I highly recommend Ballard Computes!

    Jennifer Menke Lusby Avatar
    Jennifer Menke Lusby

    Wow, very thorough. 1 yr guarantee on work. I will use him again and recommend him to friends, family, and anyone who needs computer help or help with devices like my sons iPhone 6.

    Tim Banks Avatar
    Tim Banks

    Marvin is great! Got me in quickly... got me fixed quickly... and the price was better than the competitors! I will not go anywhere else until Marvin says he cannot fix it!

    Brian D Cavanaugh Avatar
    Brian D Cavanaugh
  • I am so grateful I found this place. My iPhone screen was totally frozen and I couldn't do anything with it. He fixed it then and there in 15 minutes, for an extremely affordable price. Not to mention I got a free microfiber towel.
    Seriously, if your phone is shattered or needs repaired, this is the guy to go to! I'm so grateful!!!!

    Stephanie Elliott Avatar
    Stephanie Elliott

    My hard drive crashed on my MacBook. I probably could have fixed it myself, but I have a new baby, and I'm very busy. Ballard Computes exceeded my expectations. The price was reasonable, the turn around was super fast, and he made a sincere effort to retrieve my data.

    Many times in the past, when I've had my equipment repaired, the tech has done something I didn't ask for, and it's more expensive than expected. Therefore, I really appreciate the fact that I was presented options for the repair and an open line of communication during the process.

    Graham Case Avatar
    Graham Case

    Marvin fixed my iPhone 6s plus screen which I had cracked....So thrilled with the service and price! Definitely come back! Thank you so much!

    Amy Nicholson Avatar
    Amy Nicholson
  • iPhone 6S Plus screen replacement. Took about 20 minutes. Positive experience.

    Peter Lambooy Avatar
    Peter Lambooy

    I took my phone here recently on my lunch hour and he was able to fix it within 30 min right there while I waited. He used a high quality of glass and even gave a free case and cleaning tools. I would highly recommend him!

    Erica Daisy Avatar
    Erica Daisy

    5 star ratingI had a hard drive that was failing on my Dell desktop and Mr Ballard saved and recovered everything I needed and for a reasonable price.
    I have taken two iPads to him for help, one that had a broken charging cord stuck in the port that he fixed with no charge. The other he felt like wasn't cost effective to fix.
    He's always upfront and honest about fees, turn time, and the extent of the problem. I will turn to thin for all my repair needs.

    David P. Avatar
    David P.
  • He was great! Fixed my phone in no time. Will definitely be going back if I need too.

    Thank you

    Jackson Krauter Avatar
    Jackson Krauter

    5 star ratingI got my keyboard replaced for my Macbook Pro today at Ballard Computes. I messaged Marvin in the morning and he said to bring it and he will see what he can do. The service was completed within 2 hours of dropping off my computer. He also cleaned the inside of my laptop as well. I am very pleased with the customer service and the overall result of the job. The price is unbeatable as well. I went to other places and got my quote for this repair and Ballard Computes had the most reasonable price. I highly recommend Ballard Computes for any sort of repair whether that be for your phone or computer.

    Michael M. Avatar
    Michael M.

    You will not be disappointed with Marvin at Ballard Computes. He has serviced our PC desktop with a shot hard drive, improved our slow and cluttered laptop, "unbent" our bent iPad, and just today fixed the side buttons and replaced the battery in an old iPhone 6. Marvin is honest about his diagnosis, cost and parts. He shows you the issues you have with your electronics, and discusses the solution with you. His pricing is beyond reasonable, and his turn around is QUICK! He is professional, and personally backs all his work. We are dedicated customers!

    Melissa Truong Warth Avatar
    Melissa Truong Warth
  • Fixed my iPhone 6 very quickly, very friendly, highly recommend!

    Mitchell Donlan Avatar
    Mitchell Donlan

    Marvin fixed our laptop in less than a day for less than half the price quoted by another company who was also going to take a week to fix. Very professional and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain what he did and told us to call if we have questions or need help after we got home. We will definitely go back to Marvin in the future. Already have referred our daughter for her iPhone and iPad repairs.

    Carol Untrauer Avatar
    Carol Untrauer

    Honest, affordable, guaranteed. He's the best!

    Molly J Richardson Avatar
    Molly J Richardson
  • This guy rocks. If you need your phone fixed and you don't bring it to this place... ya missed out my friend.
    Obviously knows his stuff, obviously has fixed your issue thousands of times and is a really nice guy to boot.
    Seriously, this is the place for phone repair hands down.

    Jake Walker Avatar
    Jake Walker

    5 star ratingWhen my MacBook fell and my screen went black, I went through the normal stages: panic, scouring the web for answers, and going to the Apple Store. Apple directed me to Mac Experience, who wanted to charge me something like $70 just to run diagnostics (after a few days on a shelf), plus the cost of repairs. That's a lot of time & money to pay if you don't even know if your computer can be repaired. Pass.

    That was when I found Ballard Computes on Yelp. I sent an email around midnight and woke up the next morning to a reply! Marvin talked on the phone with me about what the problem might be, quoted me a total price that was extremely reasonable, and said he could have it fixed next day. Wow!! Sadly, after looking it over that afternoon it turned out that my Macbook was beyond repair. RIP. Marvin was professional and patient as he talked me through the diagnosis and answered my questions. All this he did for free.

    I was so grateful for the prompt replies and gracious service I received during a really stressful situation. No one wants to feel their tech emergency is being taken advantage of, which is why discovering Ballard Computes was such a relief. I know who I will be calling with my tech repair needs from now on!

    Jen R. Avatar
    Jen R.

    Highly recommended. Honesty and integrity are key components to Ballard Computes success.

    Highly skilled and well versed to take on any fix! If it can’t be done, they will let you know.

    Bogdan Calin Avatar
    Bogdan Calin
  • I've never written a review but this guy deserves a shout out. I was in a bind with my laptop getting ready for a public presentation I'd been preparing months for. I didn't know what do with literally hours to spare. I called Ballard Computes and he totally saved me when I thought there was no way I would get it resolved in time. That kind of service is hard to find, I will go here for any computer repair issues I run into going forward. They do service right.

    Jason Melchi Avatar
    Jason Melchi

    Awsome place. He fixed mt laptop in a djs time of crisis. I recommend anybody needing fast and knowledgable service. Please. Go hear. Took him 30 min to fix my macbook. Thanks soooo much

    Byron Anthony DjB-Slime Avatar
    Byron Anthony DjB-Slime

    I cannot explain how glad I am to have found Ballard Computes. Not only is the price the best you'll find anywhere, but Marvin was friendly and professional and didn't seem bothered by my three crazy kids who came along. He fixed my shattered screen completely last minute. I called very desperate to get it fixed right near closing and he waited 45 minutes for me to be able to make it in. Now that's amazing service!!

    Rachael Oren Avatar
    Rachael Oren
  • Marvin was did a great job replacing my son's iPhone screen! He was fast and very flexible...we went on a Sunday! Highly recommend for any tech repairs!

    Myndi Morrison Fitzgerald Avatar
    Myndi Morrison Fitzgerald

    5 star ratingMarvin did a fantastic job. Went in for an iPhone 6s busted screen, he fixed it for $100 in 15 minutes. He was polite, professional, and clearly very skilled with iPhones. His replacement screen was better than the one that was on there originally (a refurbished model from Sprint.) Quality parts, with a lifetime warranty. He also fixed a slight issue with the home button while he was in there, no charge. He will now be my go-to-guy for electronics repair.

    Brenton A. Avatar
    Brenton A.

    5 star ratingI was very impressed with the service I received. My daughter cracked her IPhone 6 screen, took it to Marvin and expected to come back and pick it up next day but was like I'll have it done in a few. It took him less than 30 minutes to replace the screen. It's good as new. He was fast, very knowledgeable, and professional. I was very impressed with how fast he was. I have a few other phones I'm going to bring in to him. I must say I wish I would have found him 3 IPhones ago LOL.

    Cassandra W. Avatar
    Cassandra W.
  • Ballard Computes is the only place you should go for electronics repair! Marvin is very knowledgeable, fair, and most importantly, honest. Does a great job explaining option and what’s going on. Does not try to screw you over and has fair prices. Don’t even bother going anywhere else; professional, knowledgeable, affordable and FAST! Thanks Marvin for fixing up my laptop in less than 24 hours!

    Mark Alan Avatar
    Mark Alan

    I spoke with Marvin today about my MacBook Pro. He was extremely knowledgeable about my issue (unfortunately for me a computer life ending recall) and was very helpful suggesting ways to solve my problem. We had a great conversation about computers and what a PC vs Mac has to offer and what I should look for. He saved me a trip and a diagnostic fee and for that...hats of to Marvin.

    Megan Metelko Mack Avatar
    Megan Metelko Mack

    My phone screen was cracked and they replaced it right in front of me!! It took no time at all!! Very friendly and fast service!!! Great price!

    Shelby Cutlip Avatar
    Shelby Cutlip
  • Marvin was incredibly helpful to find a solution that: 1. Saved me money 2. I was able to do by myself. His service level is rare nowadays. I will definitely use him in the future for any computing needs.

    Andrew Bissmeyer Avatar
    Andrew Bissmeyer

    Fast, friendly, and affordable service. I've used Ballard Computes for two different devices, and highly recommend Marvin if you have any computer, device, phone repair needs.

    Jennifer McGuire Avatar
    Jennifer McGuire

    When I broke my iPhone, my friend immediately told me about Marvin Ballard. She said he did great work, had great prices, and a quick turnaround time. I called on a Saturday, he got me in immediately, and fixed my phone right away. It was a great experience, and I left with the assurance that he would stand behind his work for a year. Later in the week my phone started acting up, so I called Ballard Computes, and, once again, was told to come right in. While Marvin was working on my phone, I spoke with another customer who raved about the quality of work he does. To my dismay, my phone decided not to power on. It was obvious Marvin cared, and he kept working on it until he got it on. I highly recommend Ballard Computes, and will definitely call again, should the need arise.

    Laura Paul Giovanini Avatar
    Laura Paul Giovanini

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