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About Us

Ballard Computes is a small Indianapolis computer repair company located on the northeast side of town. Ballard Computes focuses on three main areas.  Computer repair, iPhone repair, and iPad repair.  We can handle all computer repairs, PC or Mac.

Our Reviews

The Indianapolis computer repair field is very competitive and a company’s reputation is everything. We approach business as if each and every customer will be writing a review online for the rest of the world to see. See what our customers say.

  • He was friendly and professional. I got two iPhones fixed while I waited and they look brand new!!

    Roi-Keila Ayers Avatar
    Roi-Keila Ayers

    He does great work, fixed my iPhone screen in 20 minutes and months later when my battery exploded he replaced my battery and replaced the screen again at a discounted price! Easy to work with and extremely friendly!

    Garrett Palmer Avatar
    Garrett Palmer

    My granddaughter broke the screen on my iPad. Called Marvin At Ballard computes. He was fantastic. Fast turn around and the iPad looked new.

    Vicki Armstrong Barber Avatar
    Vicki Armstrong Barber
  • This guy is awesome! I came in with my I-phone 7 today that was completely BUSTED! He fixed it within an hour! I was super lucky that it was fixable. His office is nice, warm and welcoming. My son and I had a good time hanging out. We HIGHLY recommend Ballard Computes and will be back for any technical needs.

    Lindsay Estridge Avatar
    Lindsay Estridge

    I took my iphone in to fix and Marvin was great. The moment I walked in, he listened and provided excellent customer service. He was completely transparent and fixed my phone right in front of me as well, which I really appreciated. I would trust him with my future devices. This is probably the most knowledgable and honest place you can go to for all of your repair needs in Indianapolis. Thanks again Marvin!!

    Blessing O Avatar
    Blessing O

    He is great! I spilt water on my keyboard and he had it fixed/same day/fair price. For sure my go to computer guy

    Allie Bennett Avatar
    Allie Bennett
  • Marvin is very resourceful and knowledgeable on everything that has to deal with computers, he has helped me on several occasions. He tries everything he can with a client before giving up or recommending a replacement. He’s very good at explaining what’s he’s doing and what could be done, and that to me is the most important part.

    Reece Dale Avatar
    Reece Dale

    Could not recommend more! Incredible service, efficiency and transparency. Answered every question I had, and after fixing my screen even wiped down my computer. I saw all the great reviews and now I understand why. Once you work with Marvin at Ballards, you won't go anywhere else!

    Jake Venable Avatar
    Jake Venable

    Marvin is a great local resource for computer and iPhone repairs. He was able to quickly replace my daughter's iPhone XR screen. Very knowledgeable and thorough at a very reasonable price.

    Erik Powers Avatar
    Erik Powers
  • Spent about an hour fixing my iPad for a low price

    Brooke Mickler-Bell Avatar
    Brooke Mickler-Bell

    Great job! Very reasonable! He fixed my IPhone screen and was very meticulous! I would definitely come back for other repairs!! Very quick with communication, also! Thank you so much!

    Brooke Goldstein Avatar
    Brooke Goldstein

    I entered Ballard's hopeful, but skeptical. Several attempts to diagnose and fix my computer had been unsuccessful. Marvin appeared to look forward to the challenge. It took him less than twenty minutes to solve the problem. I am very grateful. Than you so much Marvin.

    Evelyn Pace Avatar
    Evelyn Pace
  • I've never written a review but this guy deserves a shout out. I was in a bind with my laptop getting ready for a public presentation I'd been preparing months for. I didn't know what do with literally hours to spare. I called Ballard Computes and he totally saved me when I thought there was no way I would get it resolved in time. That kind of service is hard to find, I will go here for any computer repair issues I run into going forward. They do service right.

    Jason Melchi Avatar
    Jason Melchi

    I dropped my iPhone and the screen needed to be replaced. Marvin was $50 cheaper than most other places I checked. He fixed it while I waited and was very quick! We will definitely use him for all our electronic repairs from now on!

    Alison Forst Lomellin Avatar
    Alison Forst Lomellin

    Great services and good prices. We had fun time chatting with the owner while we waited there. Highly recommend this store.

    CH Hsu Avatar
    CH Hsu
  • 5 star ratingI got my keyboard replaced for my Macbook Pro today at Ballard Computes. I messaged Marvin in the morning and he said to bring it and he will see what he can do. The service was completed within 2 hours of dropping off my computer. He also cleaned the inside of my laptop as well. I am very pleased with the customer service and the overall result of the job. The price is unbeatable as well. I went to other places and got my quote for this repair and Ballard Computes had the most reasonable price. I highly recommend Ballard Computes for any sort of repair whether that be for your phone or computer.

    Michael M. Avatar
    Michael M.

    Recently broke my MacBook did a quick google search and found Marvin! What an easy process he had my part ordered in a few mins then said it should be in Thursday and actually got it in a day early! All in all very pleased and would highly recommend him.

    Joe Caldwell Avatar
    Joe Caldwell

    Could not get charge cord into socket. Tool it to the store, and they had it fixed in 30 seconds. Junk in charge socket. No charge for their service. Great service and great price. I will use them again for any needed repairs.

    David Oakes Avatar
    David Oakes
  • Marvin was amazing! Took my computer in right away! He identified and solved the problem immediately!! Educated me about future potential issues and how to avoid them!! Very personable and extremely knowledgeable !! My computer guy from now on!!!

    Shaena Gardner Avatar
    Shaena Gardner

    Highly recommend. Marvin was personable, honest, great service and great prices. He fixed our iPad Air within hours of dropping it off.

    Dawn Hargreaves Avatar
    Dawn Hargreaves

    5 star ratingI've been living with a small crack in the corner of my iPhone 6 for a few weeks. Today I dropped it on the carpet (you know that fluffy matterial covering the hard ground in your home) and kapow... shattered screen. I did a Groupon search for screen repairs tyring to get a deal and found that most of places were more expensive than the $109 the internet says Apple charges you to send it in. A quick Yelp search and Marvin at Ballard turned up. I gave him a call and he fixed my phone at a better price, while chatting with me about how he got started in rescuing all of us clumsy phone droppers, and it is good as new less than an hour later. Can't get any better than that!

    Amanda M. Avatar
    Amanda M.
  • I loved working with Ballard Computes! He fixed our IPhone screen in 30 minutes! It was wonderful! I highly recommend!

    Christie Feest Moore Avatar
    Christie Feest Moore

    5 star ratingPleasure speaking with Martin. Understanding and down to earth. I would personally recommend him to anyone who needs their computer fixed in a timely and professional setting/environment.

    Alfonso V. Avatar
    Alfonso V.

    One of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had, seriously. I definitely recommend Marvin. He was knowledgeable, fast, and considerate!

    He is one of the few recommendations I will make for tech based service. Go see him!

    Richard Trotman Avatar
    Richard Trotman
  • He was very helpful, effective and professional.

    Widelyne Loiseau Avatar
    Widelyne Loiseau

    5 star ratingGood guy to trust, he fixed my Mac Pro in 10 minutes and didn't overcharge for it.
    No matter what's wrong, give this guy first look, chances are he knows what to do.

    Tim R. Avatar
    Tim R.

    I cannot explain how glad I am to have found Ballard Computes. Not only is the price the best you'll find anywhere, but Marvin was friendly and professional and didn't seem bothered by my three crazy kids who came along. He fixed my shattered screen completely last minute. I called very desperate to get it fixed right near closing and he waited 45 minutes for me to be able to make it in. Now that's amazing service!!

    Rachael Oren Avatar
    Rachael Oren
  • 5 star ratingSo. ....there's a reason for all the 5 star ratings. Had a major problem with Outlook mail that other highly recommended place could not fix! Was effecting my business! Marvin is a bulldog. ...told me he would get it fixed, and he did just that!

    Spent 3 hours in his office while he worked thru all the obstacles. Impressive! ! He'll be my go to guy from now on! Very reasonably priced as well!

    Thanks Marvin!

    Steve S. Avatar
    Steve S.

    Tried to fix iPhone 7 and realized it was beyond my ability. Called Marvin and he had me come in as soon as opened following morning and fixed it while I waited. Will recommend Ballard to anyone with electronic repair needs. Great customer service and quality.

    Joe Miles Avatar
    Joe Miles

    I brought my MacBook into Marvin after the "genius" (and I use that term loosely) bar at the Apple Store gave it a death sentence. And Marvin would admit, he was ready to as well but after extreme persistence and skill, he figured out the issue and got it up and running with the latest operating system! Marvin is the real genius here, his prices are fair and he truly cares about getting your product fixed! I strongly recommend this man, he's one of the good ones.

    Michael Bradley Avatar
    Michael Bradley

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