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Ballard Computes is a small Indianapolis computer repair company located on the northeast side of town. Ballard Computes focuses on three main areas.  Computer repair, iPhone repair, and iPad repair.  We can handle all computer repairs, PC or Mac.

Our Reviews

The Indianapolis computer repair field is very competitive and a company’s reputation is everything. We approach business as if each and every customer will be writing a review online for the rest of the world to see. See what our customers say.

  • Very happy customer! Marvin repaired the shattered screen on my iPad Air within a matter of a few hours. He was easy to contact, reasonably priced, and did a great job! He even included a protective case and a one-year warranty. Highly recommend Ballard Computes LLC!

    Kara Bassett Avatar
    Kara Bassett

    Could not get charge cord into socket. Tool it to the store, and they had it fixed in 30 seconds. Junk in charge socket. No charge for their service. Great service and great price. I will use them again for any needed repairs.

    David Oakes Avatar
    David Oakes

    I cannot explain how glad I am to have found Ballard Computes. Not only is the price the best you'll find anywhere, but Marvin was friendly and professional and didn't seem bothered by my three crazy kids who came along. He fixed my shattered screen completely last minute. I called very desperate to get it fixed right near closing and he waited 45 minutes for me to be able to make it in. Now that's amazing service!!

    Rachael Oren Avatar
    Rachael Oren
  • 5 star ratingI highly recommend Marvin and his repair services. I received his information from a friend last year after cracking my iPhone screen. Marvin quickly repaired it for us while we ran a short errand nearby last year. And then this week my iPhone was dropped in water and so this morning at 8am I called Marvin and he said to bring it on in. He dried it all out and determined that it had no life left to it, for free. And today I also took my iPad in with a cracked screen and he promptly fixed that for me too. Superb service from Marvin. I recommended him to a friend of mine and she also had a phone screen fixed today.
    Ballard Computes is on 88th and Hague road in a grey building with white columns out front.

    Amy H. Avatar
    Amy H.

    Excellent work and very fast

    Lushawn Wilson Avatar
    Lushawn Wilson

    Initially, I brought my laptop to Ballard Computes LLC because it was overheating. Not only did he thoroughly explain the root cause of the issue, but he also recommended upgrades that ultimately improved the speed and performance of my machine that will easily add years to its life. Paid a reasonable amount given the value he added to my laptop and I am more than satisfied with the end result.

    Brian Wysock Avatar
    Brian Wysock
  • Wow, very thorough. 1 yr guarantee on work. I will use him again and recommend him to friends, family, and anyone who needs computer help or help with devices like my sons iPhone 6.

    Tim Banks Avatar
    Tim Banks

    I brought my MacBook into Marvin after the "genius" (and I use that term loosely) bar at the Apple Store gave it a death sentence. And Marvin would admit, he was ready to as well but after extreme persistence and skill, he figured out the issue and got it up and running with the latest operating system! Marvin is the real genius here, his prices are fair and he truly cares about getting your product fixed! I strongly recommend this man, he's one of the good ones.

    Michael Bradley Avatar
    Michael Bradley

    Quick service at a great price! My phone is good as new.

    Barry Gulley Avatar
    Barry Gulley
  • He does great work, fixed my iPhone screen in 20 minutes and months later when my battery exploded he replaced my battery and replaced the screen again at a discounted price! Easy to work with and extremely friendly!

    Garrett Palmer Avatar
    Garrett Palmer

    5 star ratingMarvin did a fantastic job. Went in for an iPhone 6s busted screen, he fixed it for $100 in 15 minutes. He was polite, professional, and clearly very skilled with iPhones. His replacement screen was better than the one that was on there originally (a refurbished model from Sprint.) Quality parts, with a lifetime warranty. He also fixed a slight issue with the home button while he was in there, no charge. He will now be my go-to-guy for electronics repair.

    Brenton A. Avatar
    Brenton A.

    The thought of having a computer or device repaired is about as appealing to me as chewing broken glass. Thankfully, my recent experience with Ballard Computes may have changed my whole outlook. I contacted them to look over an old iMac that my kids use. It was DOA and he advised me of the likely cost associated with the repair and encouraged me to consider just purchasing a new unit as the repair would have been costly. He had no financial incentive to give me that advise, just treating me like he would like to be treated and being 100% upfront. I bought the new unit and had him transfer the data from the old one. He educated me on the difference in the hard drive that the low end Mac I purchased had vs the speed of a solid state one. I opted to have him swap out the hard drives and the speed of the machine went from a Honda Civic to an Italian sports car! It had a HUGE difference and much less $$$ than buying the Mac with a solid state hard drive already installed. I will encourage anyone I know with a pc or Mac issue to just go to Ballard Computes.

    Phil Zink Avatar
    Phil Zink
  • Took my phone to Marvin on a Sunday over a holiday weekend to have the broken screen replaced. Replaced it while I waited. Service was fantastic. I am picking up my computer tomorrow after he worked on it. He came highly recommend from a friend. I am so pleased I have found him to service my computer. He answers all my questions and is very personable. Would highly recommend him for any tech support service you need.

    Judy Rich Avatar
    Judy Rich

    Wonderful work, amazing turn around, and budget friendly. I cannot recommend highly enough!

    Allison Maguire Avatar
    Allison Maguire

    5 star ratingYou will not be disappointed with Marvin at Ballard Computes. He has serviced our PC desktop with a shot hard drive, improved our slow and cluttered laptop, "unbent" our bent iPad, and just today fixed the side buttons and replaced the battery in an old iPhone 6. Marvin is honest about his diagnosis, cost and parts. He shows you the issues you have with your electronics, and discusses the solution with you. His pricing is beyond reasonable, and his turn around is QUICK! He is professional, and personally backs all his work. We are dedicated customers!

    Melissa T. Avatar
    Melissa T.
  • Marvin is absolutely wonderful to work with! I was the one that broke my 6 year old's iPad, not her, and he was able to fix it and I think it looked even better than before it was broken. He took his time and made sure it was fixed properly, and even gave us a case and a cleaning cloth. He also met with me on a Sunday. Again, he is a great guy to work with!!! I would recommend him to anyone in need of repairs on Apple products!

    Katie Lanteri Avatar
    Katie Lanteri

    He was able to pull all the data off of a severely damaged iPhone of mine that had completely lost its screen and was virtually useless. Go here before you waste time at Best Buy, the Apple Store or one of those screen replacement stores. Ballard has much better rates and service.

    Steve Hill Avatar
    Steve Hill

    I went there to get my computer checked out last week. My HP laptop computer kept getting the :( logo and an error message and was restarting randomly 5 times a day minimum. He was amazing. Fixed my computer that day when others had told me to get a new one. He put in a new memory card and hard drive for cheap and kept all my old data and programs. It is like a new high grade computer now. He stands by his work and when he makes guarantees he keeps them. I would recommend him all day. If he cant fix it he doesn't charge which is a lot better than most of the people I looked out.

    Jeremiah Brumfield Avatar
    Jeremiah Brumfield
  • 5 star ratingWhen my MacBook fell and my screen went black, I went through the normal stages: panic, scouring the web for answers, and going to the Apple Store. Apple directed me to Mac Experience, who wanted to charge me something like $70 just to run diagnostics (after a few days on a shelf), plus the cost of repairs. That's a lot of time & money to pay if you don't even know if your computer can be repaired. Pass.

    That was when I found Ballard Computes on Yelp. I sent an email around midnight and woke up the next morning to a reply! Marvin talked on the phone with me about what the problem might be, quoted me a total price that was extremely reasonable, and said he could have it fixed next day. Wow!! Sadly, after looking it over that afternoon it turned out that my Macbook was beyond repair. RIP. Marvin was professional and patient as he talked me through the diagnosis and answered my questions. All this he did for free.

    I was so grateful for the prompt replies and gracious service I received during a really stressful situation. No one wants to feel their tech emergency is being taken advantage of, which is why discovering Ballard Computes was such a relief. I know who I will be calling with my tech repair needs from now on!

    Jen R. Avatar
    Jen R.

    Marvin is good at looking at problems from a multitude of angles! Got my gaming PC up and running in a timely manner, with good communication along the way. Marvin was also kind enough to share some valuable security information, with recommended programs to keep my system secure while also keeping it well optimized/efficient. Wouldn't hesitate using Marvin again down the road! Thanks Ballard Computes

    Tie Kuhn Avatar
    Tie Kuhn

    Awsome place. He fixed mt laptop in a djs time of crisis. I recommend anybody needing fast and knowledgable service. Please. Go hear. Took him 30 min to fix my macbook. Thanks soooo much

    Byron Anthony DjB-Slime Avatar
    Byron Anthony DjB-Slime
  • Really great! Marvin knows his technology and after I told him exactly what I needed/ wanted, he built me a beautiful custom computer. Whenever I have questions he is available or gets back with me very soon. After I picked up my computer, he walked me through programs and set-ups. Really appreciate his work and it’s great to have someone who really knows what he’s talking about. You won’t be disappointed!

    Alisha Garcia Avatar
    Alisha Garcia

    Walked in off the street with my son's damaged laptop. Marvin (the owner) immediately stopped what he was doing to access our situation and provide best recommendations for the short and long term and our budget. As it turned out, while our problem was technically fixable, it was one that often had hidden problems that would not be anticipated and calculated into the cost until Marvin opened up the machine. He was very upfront and honest with us in his assessment and we made the decision not to repair our machine but to replace it. Marvin shared with us his recommendations on the computer out there in our budget and even told us how we could make the new machine faster with some very simple and inexpensive upgrades that he did, same day. I trusted him immediately for his knowledge and walked out same day with the upgrades he suggested on our newly purchased machine. It was a great experience. In fact, I'm heading over there now so that he can fix the computer screen on my daughter's laptop. Ballard Computes is fast, friendly and fair. An excellent experience. Highly recommend!

    Michelle Elser Avatar
    Michelle Elser

    Screen repair in iPhone 6 was quick and done well. Would not hesitate to use him

    Mark Samuels Avatar
    Mark Samuels
  • 5 star ratingGreat experience upgrading an older iMac to an SSD drive. Despite the machine running perfectly fine, the local Apple Store wouldn't touch it. I also reached out to two area Apple repair shops, and the best they could do were vague assurances of getting it on the bench in a week or two, and hand waving on costs. Mr. Ballard, by contrast returned my call immediately and was very transparent about the process and pricing. He even offered to see me and do the work on a Sunday! Upgrade was straight forward and the price was very fair. Seriously, I highly recommend Ballard, and will refer friends & family to them.

    K W. Avatar
    K W.

    Very knowledgeable and open about what he was doing to fix my computer. Has an extensive background in computer repair and has the capabilities to fix most technology related issues. He even showed me some of his equipment and explained how it worked. I drove 1 hour to see him and I would recommend him to anyone in the area.

    Andrew Jones Avatar
    Andrew Jones

    They provide the best service. Quick and affordable!

    Bree Snyder Rummel Avatar
    Bree Snyder Rummel
  • Honest, affordable, guaranteed. He's the best!

    Molly J Richardson Avatar
    Molly J Richardson

    One of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had, seriously. I definitely recommend Marvin. He was knowledgeable, fast, and considerate!

    He is one of the few recommendations I will make for tech based service. Go see him!

    Richard Trotman Avatar
    Richard Trotman

    I stopped by Ballard Computes LLC today because my touchpad on my laptop had suddenly stopped working. Marvin found the solution within minutes and also helped me install computer updates. He was friendly and helpful. I would recommend going to him for computer help, and I am definitely going back to him with any computer issues I have in the future.

    Sydney Hirschkorn Avatar
    Sydney Hirschkorn

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