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Ballard Computes is a small Indianapolis computer repair company located on the northeast side of town. Ballard Computes focuses on three main areas.  Computer repair, iPhone repair, and iPad repair.  We can handle all computer repairs, PC or Mac.

Our Reviews

The Indianapolis computer repair field is very competitive and a company’s reputation is everything. We approach business as if each and every customer will be writing a review online for the rest of the world to see. See what our customers say.

  • Marvin was amazing! Took my computer in right away! He identified and solved the problem immediately!! Educated me about future potential issues and how to avoid them!! Very personable and extremely knowledgeable !! My computer guy from now on!!!

    Shaena Gardner Avatar
    Shaena Gardner

    Ballard's is the real deal place for smart device services.

    Have used his services for a few years and am more than satisfied!
    If ever there is a concern or issue, he is always available to advise, repair or replace work that he's done.

    Cool conversation, really good prices, great service!

    El Casa Avatar
    El Casa

    5 star ratingFast service for a one man company!  I've had my computer debugged and my iPhone screen repaired here; I'm satisfied with both services. He's got fair prices and does the job right!

    Sara C. Avatar
    Sara C.
  • Last week my IPhone tanked on me because of a storage problem. My husband suggested I take to Marvin. Within a couple days he fixed my problem. Now my phone runs like new again. Great service and pricing!!

    Christie Crail Avatar
    Christie Crail

    Fast, friendly, and affordable service. I've used Ballard Computes for two different devices, and highly recommend Marvin if you have any computer, device, phone repair needs.

    Jennifer McGuire Avatar
    Jennifer McGuire

    Very happy customer! Marvin repaired the shattered screen on my iPad Air within a matter of a few hours. He was easy to contact, reasonably priced, and did a great job! He even included a protective case and a one-year warranty. Highly recommend Ballard Computes LLC!

    Kara Bassett Avatar
    Kara Bassett
  • 5 star ratingI am very impressed with Marvin and my experience at Ballard Computes. He fixed my cracked phone screen quickly and well. I was told that my home button on my phone would not work again, but he was able to fix that too without difficulty. I brought him my computer that had multiple problems. He taught me how to fix this myself without charging me for the advice. He is an honest man that is skilled in his profession. I would highly recommend this company!

    Liz C. Avatar
    Liz C.

    5 star ratingI've been living with a small crack in the corner of my iPhone 6 for a few weeks.  Today I dropped it on the carpet (you know that fluffy matterial covering the hard ground in your home) and kapow... shattered screen.  I did a Groupon search for screen repairs tyring to get a deal and found that most of places were more expensive than the $109 the internet says Apple charges you to send it in.  A quick Yelp search and Marvin at Ballard turned up.  I gave him a call and he fixed my phone at a better price, while chatting with me about how he got started in rescuing all of us clumsy phone droppers, and it is good as new less than an hour later.  Can't get any better than that!

    Amanda M. Avatar
    Amanda M.

    5 star ratingMarvin was extremely helpful with my iPhone screen replacement! I payed $80 cash for the best replacement screen I've found in indy! He does it right in front of you and is very informative. Recommend!

    Mackie P. Avatar
    Mackie P.
  • Went there to get a new battery for my iPhone 6. Not only did he do that, he replaced the screen which had been poorly replaced by a different business. And gave me a discount. Truly, the guy knows his stuff and very reasonable on pricing!!

    Anne Termont Suhr Avatar
    Anne Termont Suhr

    We took my son's IPad to be repaired after a recommendation from a friend. I am so glad we did! Not only was it done the same day, but Marvin offered courteous service and at a great price!

    Amy Schiebur Stivers Avatar
    Amy Schiebur Stivers

    Was quick, easy, and, a better deal than any place you will find around. Marvin will tell you straight up what the cost is with no hidden fees. Plus, your money is going to a local guy instead of a chain corporation.

    Corbin Haggard Avatar
    Corbin Haggard
  • Marvin saved the day and I didn't die over the price! My son cracked my iPhone 6+ screen. I called a few other places and then my friend told me about Marvin. I headed over to his place of business and he fixed it right there infront of me for a WONDERFUL price. No way I coulda fixed that on my own. Way cheaper than any other place and promised a 1 yr warranty. Now that's how you do business! Thanks, Marvin!

    Kelly Johnson Avatar
    Kelly Johnson

    Took my phone to Marvin on a Sunday over a holiday weekend to have the broken screen replaced. Replaced it while I waited. Service was fantastic. I am picking up my computer tomorrow after he worked on it. He came highly recommend from a friend. I am so pleased I have found him to service my computer. He answers all my questions and is very personable. Would highly recommend him for any tech support service you need.

    Judy Rich Avatar
    Judy Rich

    5 star ratingMarvin is absolutely amazing! He replaced my iPhone 5C screen super fast and it's as good as new. Plus, he was really nice, professional and reasonably priced.

    Gretchen S. Avatar
    Gretchen S.
  • 5 star ratingI was out with friends and dropped my phone. The screen completely shattered and it was in an Otterbox! I panicked because A - my phone is completely unusable and B - I'm about to leave for a road trip in two days and needed a working phone.

    I quickly searched for repair shops for a reasonable price. I kept seeing Ballard Computes with great reviews. I called in the morning hoping to miraculously get in that day. Thinking that it'd be a long wait and/or an astronimal price (like a couple of the other places I called) I was thankfully to go ahead and come on in.

    It didn't take too long to get my screen fixed and it really was at a great price compared to many other places. I was so happy with the service that I referred my friend to go there a year later for a screen repair. I also recently recommended a friend to see if he could get his hard drive replaced here and we found out he could!

    I really trust Ballard Computes with my Mac products and really appreciate the customer service. He tells it how it is, quotes a reasonable price, gives tips on how to take care of your items, and does a great and quick job!

    Komal S. Avatar
    Komal S.

    I brought my MacBook into Marvin after the "genius" (and I use that term loosely) bar at the Apple Store gave it a death sentence. And Marvin would admit, he was ready to as well but after extreme persistence and skill, he figured out the issue and got it up and running with the latest operating system! Marvin is the real genius here, his prices are fair and he truly cares about getting your product fixed! I strongly recommend this man, he's one of the good ones.

    Michael Bradley Avatar
    Michael Bradley

    Fast, quick, and quality repairs! Had a Macbook Pro with a broken track pad that Apple was going to charge over $400 for and Ballard fixed it for less then half!

    James Kempson Avatar
    James Kempson
  • Marvin did a tremendous job fixing my cracked iPad screen. He has great attention to detail and fixed my screen fast. Highly recommend!

    Sharon Roeder Avatar
    Sharon Roeder

    5 star ratingYou will not be disappointed with Marvin at Ballard Computes.  He has serviced our PC desktop with a shot hard drive, improved our slow and cluttered laptop, "unbent" our bent iPad, and just today fixed the side buttons and replaced the battery in an old iPhone 6.  Marvin is honest about his diagnosis, cost and parts. He shows you the issues you have with your electronics, and discusses the solution with you.  His pricing is beyond reasonable, and his turn around is QUICK! He is professional, and personally backs all his work. We are dedicated customers!

    Melissa T. Avatar
    Melissa T.

    He was amazing! VERY knowledgeable and excited about what he does. I had bought a brand new laptop 6 months ago, and despite being brand new in the box, it came with the wrong charger. He knew immediately, and gave me advice on how to get the right charger. He also was super excited about the PC and offered ways for me to improve it even further.

    Kirsten Cocanower Avatar
    Kirsten Cocanower
  • He was friendly and professional. I got two iPhones fixed while I waited and they look brand new!!

    Roi-Keila Ayers Avatar
    Roi-Keila Ayers

    Great service and extremely affordable! Won't go anywhere else for repairs on computers. Fixed an iPad screen in less time and much cheaper than the other 4 places that I called!

    Tonya Helms Latimer Avatar
    Tonya Helms Latimer

    I had a wonderful experience at Ballard Computes today. Excellent service and fully satisfied with the work done!

    Cesur Dağlı Avatar
    Cesur Dağlı
  • 5 star ratingGreat experience upgrading an older iMac to an SSD drive. Despite the machine running perfectly fine, the local Apple Store wouldn't touch it. I also reached out to two area Apple repair shops, and the best they could do were vague assurances of getting it on the bench in a week or two, and hand waving on costs. Mr. Ballard, by contrast returned my call immediately and was very transparent about the process and pricing. He even offered to see me and do the work on a Sunday! Upgrade was straight forward and the price was very fair. Seriously, I highly recommend Ballard, and will refer friends & family to them.

    K W. Avatar
    K W.

    Wonderful work, amazing turn around, and budget friendly. I cannot recommend highly enough!

    Allison Maguire Avatar
    Allison Maguire

    Very professional and fast! I will definitely be coming back again!! I also couldn’t complain about the prices because they were very reasonable.

    Kianna Serf Avatar
    Kianna Serf
  • 5 star ratingHIGHLY RECOMMEND! I think his name is Marvin which is good because I was starvin' for a good deal to fix my iPad screen which had cracked.

    This is a man who runs his business out of a kitchen in an office building. This is small business at its finest and I love it.

    Marvin fixed my cracked iPad screen in about an hour (I let him keep it for a day because I left the area). He charged me $80 and gave me a new case and a microfiber cloth. The big companies usually charge $130. Don't waste your time and drive straight to Marvin.

    Get me Ventnor and Atlantic because with Marvin Gardens, you've got a great Monopoly!

    Danny M. Avatar
    Danny M.

    5 star ratingI highly recommend Marvin and his repair services.  I received his information from a friend last year after cracking my iPhone screen.  Marvin quickly repaired it for us while we ran a short errand nearby last year.  And then this week my iPhone was dropped in water and so this morning at 8am I called Marvin and he said to bring it on in.  He dried it all out and determined that it had no life left to it, for free.  And today I also took my iPad in with a cracked screen and he promptly fixed that for me too.  Superb service from Marvin.  I recommended him to a friend of mine and she also had a phone screen fixed today.  
    Ballard Computes is on 88th and Hague road in a grey building with white columns out front.

    Amy H. Avatar
    Amy H.

    Marvin is awesome to work with. Good price and does the repair while you wait. He has repaired two of our phones now.

    Chris Salmon Thompson Avatar
    Chris Salmon Thompson

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